We spend 4 days in Puerto Iguazu, a nice and quiet town in the very north of Argentina, province of Missiones, at the border with Brazil and Paraguay. If you walk to the end of the town, there is a stand point (Hito Tres Fronteras) where you can look over the Rio Paraná and see Paraguay on one side, and Brazil on the other, which is quite incredible.

The biggest attraction in the area are the falls. It took us one entire day to walk through the National Park of Iguazu. The park is accessible from both Brazil and Argentina, however the most impressive views are found in Argentina. At least that’s what most people have told us. Over 270 waterfalls are counted in the park, the biggest one, La Garganta del Diablo, is 700m long, 150m wide and 82m high. Once you get to this point, facing the majestic fall, there are absolutely no words to describe how little you feel against nature!

Except from the mosquitoes who literally have eaten us up from the first day (note: not so sure if mosquito or other very mean insect…), the locals have been very welcoming on our first Argentinian experience and we are now making our way south to the big city of Buenos Aires.

For additional not so important knowledge, I just read that several movies have been filmed at Iguazu falls: Miami Vice, Indiana Jones 4, Oss 117, Captain America…

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  1. Bon Voyage. I will follow your travelling. Travelling is dream of many one, but not many can make it. You can make it, I admired you and your dream..bise Thuy Mai


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