Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires; under pouring rain, strong winds and finally sunny weather, was a highlight in colours, food and experiences. The city is huge! We stayed in the district of Palermo, which was recommended to us, and it is so far our favourite area of the city. The paved streets, bars on every corner, nice terraces and little shops, reminded us of a mix of London, Madrid and Poblenou.

I am usually not a fan of visiting cemeteries, but I have to say the cemetery of Recoleta is impressive. Almost 6 hectar of narrow walkways in which so many vaults are build tightly one next to others. Different in sizes and shapes, some are built with incredible memorials and statues. It is so big we spend about one hour wandering around.

La Boca is such a colourful district, also home to La Bombonera football stadium. We took a bus from the centre to El Caminito. For free. The bus driver kindly didn’t make us pay for tow reasons: we did not know that we couldn’t pay the bus in cash, and we were on the wrong bus. But Ronald (we believe was his name…) dropped us off close enough to where we needed to go. El Caminito is literally one street, where used to pass a train. In the 50s, a few neighbours including Quinquela Martín, a painter, decided to take over and improve the street to make it a public walkway. It is now a street of colourful houses (“Conventillos”) mostly visited by tourists.

Alan, Adrien’s ex roommate who’s from Buenos Aires, took us out for dinner one night in Palermo. An incredible burger place: the burger joint. Delicious!

And of course Tango! We are now proud owners of a certificate of Tango beginners level. Well, Adrien and “Uga” are!! (note to myself: make an effort when handwriting my name!). After taking a tango class we watched professionals give a show while sipping red wine. Loved it!

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