Make sure you go to Valparaiso with a fully charged camera and empty memory card, because the temptation of taking a picture at every single street corner is too high! Located by the ocean, Valparaiso is a fairly big city well-known for its colourful houses and graffiti all over every street wall.

The city is built on several hills that you can go up and down with old wooden elevators, a little bit like in Lisbon.

We stayed 2 days and just walked around the old town, which is like an open air art gallery. Free tours (based on tips) are available to visit the old centre, but we were pretty exhausted at that point and did not feel the courage of following a group. So we just lazy walked around, enjoying the views of the city, not much more.

The more modern part of the city has a lot of traffic, street vendors and is very busy with not much interest. We decided to take a night bus to San Pedro de Atacama on the 31st of May.

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