Maya River, welcome to Mexico!

We started our route in Mexico in the Yucatan region. Beautiful area of the country and quite touristic as well.

We landed in Cancún where we were welcomed with an amazing sunny weather, crystal clear blue water of the sea like we’d never seen before, and so far the best tacos we had in Mexico. Cancún is quite a well-known spot for spring breakers, summer holidays, now we definitely understand why with all the clubs and bars on the sea-side offering good deals on cocktails all day long…

We stopped two days in Playa del Carmen, which we thought would be more chill with less party going on… WRONG! If it might have been more quiet in the past, Playa del Carmen is now full of resorts on the sea-line, some turning to clubs in the evening. The main street if crowded with shops, mall, restaurants and bars. It is a nice street but highly busy with tourism, so not quite the peaceful beach area we were looking for. Still, we spend a nice day at the beach, and took a day trip to Cozumel Island for snorkeling on the second greatest reef barrier in the world.

We continued our way down the Maya River area landing in Tulum were we found the more relaxed and authentic environment we were looking for. Unfortunately, being sick for 2 days we did not see much of Tulum except for our hotel room. But found the courage to rent a bike on our 3rd day and ride under a beating 42 degrees down to the sea area and the temple’s ruins by the sea, ancient place of worship and solitude for the Mayan Kings. Not bad a place they picked out!

Tulum was our favourite spot on the Caribbean sea side of Mexico!

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