A long ride to San Cristobal

It’s been a bit of pain arriving to San Cristobal from Palenque. A bus ride that probably counts within our top worst ones. Lets see… we were the 2 last people boarding the mini van, so we didn’t have the luxury of sitting together. One seat remained in the front in the middle, between the driver and another passenger. And one seat in the back, between a snoring hippie and a crying baby. By the limited amount of space in the back, it was quite clear that someone smaller would be a better fit, just as the seat in the front required someone who would not be afraid to witness the driver’s crazy driving performances. We didn’t need to rock paper scisor it… Adrien went in the front, I went in the back.

It’s been a long five hours driving through the laces of the mountain with speed bumps almost every 800 meters making everyone’ stomach and heart ache. All of that by the rhythm of a reggaton CD that played about 7 or 8 times. If reading is usually a good escape for long bus rides, (and with all our traveling I finally overcame my car reading sickness), the road, the snoring, the crying, the music and the smell of full dippers, made it mission impossible.

But at last we arrived, and San Cristobal was worth the pain. The city is a must see in the region of Chiapas with its colorful and buzzy center (especially on Saturday afternoons). We found a really nice atmosphere there and amazing food. We took a day trip to the canyon del Sumidero and navigated through the river between the high surrounding cliffs. And our host Paco, in our hostal La Casa de Paco made our stay even more nice. A great place to stay in San Cristobal!

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