Oaxaca, from beach to city

We made two stops in the region of Oaxaca. There are many great places to stay on the pacific coast from Puerto Angel to Puerto Escondido, and Zipolite is one of them. A small village with an amazing natural beach. Dangerous though… we witnessed some incredible giant waves and were told it was one of the most dangerous beaches of the country due to the strong currents. Therefore people usually go in the water only up to knee height.


We found a lovely bungalow at the top of hill with view on the ocean and sound of the birds in the morning. Beautiful place to stay, where not much more than enjoying the beach, the evening sunsets from the terrace with a beer, reading and playing chess has happened really. We could have stayed much longer enjoying the simple life in this place…

But we had to continue our route to the city of Oaxaca. A quick stop before finally arriving to our last destination, Mexico city. Oaxaca was nice, the city is known to have a strong culinary reputation and is also famous for offering a wide diversity of Mezcal, an alcohol made of a type of agave plant.

Unfortunately we have not been very good at finding the best places to eat and drink, but Adrien did have his Mexican culinary experience when he ordered a quesadilla of chapulines, nice little grilled grasshoppers…

Out of curiosity, we opened the quesadilla once served: To me it looked just like that time we had an invasion of cockroaches in our Barcelona flat… but on a plate! I tried a few… not a great taste but nice crisp. Adrien finished the whole dish and was pretty satisfied with it!

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