Last days in America

The distances we can travel today are incredible and the changes in cultures we experience sometime in such short amount of time are really strange. Just the other day, early in the morning we were sitting at the airport in Mexico enjoying a coffee and thinking: “So, what should we do in LA today?”

We spent our last few days in Mexico, hosted by our friends Adrien and Inés in a great flat in the centre of the city. We rented bikes on our first day and they showed us around. Every Sunday, the city closes the main streets in the centre to open them to bicycles only. The centre fills up with people cycling, from families to couples or Sunday sportive people, it seems that everyone takes the opportunity of a morning ride. Great concept!


We visited the remaining of the city with a hop on hop off touristic bus the following day thinking it would get us to see a lot more than by walking, the city being quite big… But it took us 3 hours alone just to get to the district of Coyoacan, home to Frida Kalo’s museum (which happened to be closed that day, total fail…). But to make up for it, we spent most of our last day in the Museum of Anthropology, a must do when visiting Mexico!! A temporal exhibition on Maya culture was taking place and was worth the time we spent there. Amazing exhibition, with some fun activities, such as virtually dress up like Mayans!


We flew early the next day and landing in LA was quite surreal… back into civilized modern world, an expensive world! After our 4 months travelling in south America, we’ve past through a few big cities, but this time was different. We had a feeling as we had been in an unreal world for sometime and we were brought back to reality.

Speaking of cultural shock: 1 day we were visiting Maya temples, the next day we were sitting in a touristic bus around Hollywood, sight-seeing for millionaires houses: Leonardo DiCaprio or Jennifer Lopez’s house are almost just as impressive as Chichen Itza!

LA is massive, we were looking at our map thinking we could walk from Hollywood boulevard to Rodeo Drive to Down Town Market… but walking just 3 blocks in this city is almost like walking my home-town north to south!

It was a short stay in California, just to get enough of an impression, visiting Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Down Town LA... We also had the chance to take a day trip to San Diego and in one day to visit the most beautiful places of the city thanks to my uncle being there! (Merci Christian!) Really nice city, much more laid back than LA with a really nice Californian vibe.


In a nut shell, our last few days in America have been quite intense and full of changes. We definitely closed a big chapter on our year round the world trip. Thinking back on where we started almost 5 months ago in Argentina, and all the kilometres we travelled, all the amazing places we’ve seen, to find ourselves in Los Angeles Airport waiting for our flight to cross the Pacific ocean, is almost unbelievable but so exciting!

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