Red desert at sunset, Mundi Mundi plains

Imagine: red earth desert, plains that go as far as your eye can see, the red hot sun going down on a perfectly straight line horizon, not a cloud in the sky, almost no one around but a few jumping kangaroos, and best of all; 2 camping chairs and 2 cold beers… That was our perfect evening in Mundi Mundi plains (minus the flies!).

Mundi Mundi is quite a unique place. For reference, that’s where Mad Max 2 was filmed, that might give you a bit of an idea of the harsh landscape…

It is only a 45 minutes drive away from Broken Hill, if you get a chance you should definitely stop at the old town of Silverton for a drink at the local pub in company of random donkeys… Or just walk around this ghost town of 90 inhabitants which also was scene to the movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert and a few other 100 movies and commercials due to its peculiar decor and atmosphere.

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  1. Nice trip! I wish you enjoyed this long journey to this lost Mundi place. Any potential customer there 🙂 ? Travel safe and keep the good spirit ! Ciao


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