Fraser Island

Let’s put it this way: Fraser Island is the biggest sand island in the world, and it is magnificent!

We stayed at Rainbow Beach overnight (yes, just the name makes it sound dreamy!) about 3 hours north of Brisbane, and took a day trip to Fraser from there.

Harvey Bay, slightly further up north, is usually where people stay to visit the Island. It is a bigger town but Rainbow Beach is just as good, closer to Fraser and has an amazing beach.

We booked a tour with an agency since the only cars allowed on the island are 4wd and our Dingo car had already had its share of adventure…

We were picked up early in the morning by a bus that looked like it was on steroids, fully equipped to drive in the sand. The ferry crossing to the island was short and a few minutes later, we were driving up the island’s coast, right on the beach which is like the island’s highway.

Our first stop was at Mckenzie lake for a swim in perfect crystal clear rainwater and pure white silica sand. The sand is so pure you can use it as natural exfoliant for the skin. Open air spa… what could we wish more?


After a short walk through the rainforest and a stop for lunch, we headed to the beach again to see the famous Maheno ship. It is really just a wreck, but it is quite impressive. Makes one wonder what the Titanic must look like underwater!

Our last stop was at Eli creek where we were allowed a last swim in the refreshing water before driving back to Rainbow Beach.

It was a beautiful sunny day on a perfect sandy island.

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