In the jungle of Cape Tribulation

From a cool weather in Sydney when we arrived in Australia, to the dry heat of the desert and the rainy week in south Queensland, we have finally reached a tropical weather when we arrived in Cape Tribulation in the north-east of the country.

We spent 3 days in the forest of Daintree national park. Cape Tribulation is this amazing place where one of the oldest rain forest of Australia meets the ocean. Too bad the place is infested with salt water crocodiles. Every beach entry has a warning sign that makes one wonder whether to set foot on the beach or not. Swimming is at your own risk in the northern Queensland beaches. A shame really! But we wouldn’t risk it!


Our expedition in the Daintree jungle was great. We stopped one night outside of the park still south of Cairns, right by the fresh water source of Badinda (no crocs there!) perfect for a jump in the water early in the morning!

Refreshed, we drove to Port Douglas, a nice town north of Cairns just by the entrance of park. After a lunch break, we drove to the Daintree ferry. The park can only be accessed south by crossing a river. A fast crossing during which we sported a croc cursing along!

Once on the other side, it was jungle jungle jungle. Beautiful ride full of tropical greenness! We spent a second night on the park’s campsite. Very cheap and very basic, right in the middle of the forest and just a few meters for the beach. Fences separate the beach access from the campsites, I guess to order to prevent crocs to pay a visit during the night!

The air was very humid and the forest so thick that the cool breeze from the ocean was barely reaching us. We had to sleep with open doors in order not to suffocate. Good thing we had a mosquito net to prevent any flying or crawling insects from entering the car during the night!


The next day, we went for a jungle hike on Mount Sorrow which made us loose about 5 litters of water each! The hike itself was not that hard, but man we sweated like pigs!

We were told the view from the top was absolutely the best, so we worked hard to get there. Unfortunately once at the top the sky got really cloudy and all we could see was white horizon! We didn’t even stop at the top for a break as we got literally attacked by big fat flies that sting.

We spent our last night in a campsite/backpacker in Cape Tribulation, where this time our car got absolutely invaded by green ants! Mostly on the outside, but we had to get rid of an entire coloni that was trying to make home in our Dingo car…

Despite all the insects that tried to eat us up, we had a really nice last 3 days in the Australian jungle. We headed back to Cairns for one last night. Bali was waiting for us!

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