We are a couple, we are French (with a twist of German) and been living in Barcelona for a few years now. We are taking a sabbatical year off from work to travel, disconnect from the comfort we live in, and discover what this beautiful world has to offer.

Our adventure starts on April 18th of 2017. We have round-the-world flight tickets with an original plan to start in South America, travel our way up to Central America, fly over to New-Zealand then Australia, continue and end with South East Asia before coming back to Barcelona.

We are very excited to see how this plan will evolve throughout the year to come. But most of all we are excited to spend this time discovering new cultures, learning, sharing, maybe helping where our help can be needed, and especially enjoy this time of our lives of total freedom and adventure!

TheLittleVoyage, will be about sharing our experience, discoveries, impressions and or course for friends and familly to folllow us around the world.

Happy travels!

Lisa & Adrien