Our year around the world…

1 year, 4 continents, 3 oceans crossed, 18 countries, 16 flights, 59 bus rides, 10 boats, 1 train ride, about 14.000km by campervan, 750km by motorbike, and another 1.500km by tuktuk... What an adventure!! Our bank accounts are empty but we feel reacher than we've ever been! Our minds are filled with lifetime memories, our hearts... Continue Reading →

Circle train around Yangon

Our first day in Yangon was exhausting, the heat was almost unbearable. We'd arrived very early in the morning and our room wasn't ready to check in until 2pm. So we went for breakfast and then wandered around the city, feeling the atmosphere of the different districts: Indian town, China town (which still wore the... Continue Reading →


The plain of Bagan is one rare place, very special with a unique atmosphere. We stayed in New Bagan 3 full days, in a homestay that was probably of the cheapest options available there (the town is a little pricey now that tourism has boomed). Weather you stay in New Bagan or Nyaung-U, you can... Continue Reading →

Cycling around Mandalay

We cycled two days in and around the crazy traffic of Mandalay. We reached the city after a long mini van journey from Inle, which was really nice for us but was hell for all the other local passengers who felt sick several times as we passed through the winding mountain roads.... Mandalay is fairly... Continue Reading →

Roller Coaster to the Golden Rock

We stayed at the village of Kin Pun the night before we visited Kyaiktiyio Pagoda, more commonly known as the “Golden Rock”. The village was a little bit special, it looks like it was set up just as a stopover place for tourists and pilgrims. There are plenty of souvenir shops and restaurants on the... Continue Reading →

A long journey to Myanmar

It was a long journey. We were sad to leave Laos, we've had a really good time in this country we both didn't know before. We loved the atmosphere, we absolutely loved the people, their chilled pace of living (Yulala!), their welcoming "Sabaideeee"! We also found very interesting that Laos has kept a strong French... Continue Reading →

Jungle trek in Nam Ha

There are a lot of trekking agencies to choose from on Luang Namtha's main street, they all have a very similar offer. We stopped in almost every single one of them to chose the best option for a 3 days trek in the Nam Ha national protected area and set our choice on Forest Retreat... Continue Reading →

The Thakhek Loop

We are officially loopers: we completed the 450km circuit around the famous Thakhek “loop”! Also called the Konglor loop, it is one of the must do's in central Laos: a 4 days motorbike adventure through mountains, farmlands and multiple remote villages. A trip during which caves, spring pools, lakes can be explored including of course the... Continue Reading →

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