An unforgettable trip to Sapa PART 4

Sapa, Day 4: Luckily, we didn't feel sick during the night which is a surprise and a miracle considering the events of last night! we stayed at the celebration something like 30 minutes and must have had about 7 or 8 shot each, if not more. I can't imagine how all these people must feel... Continue Reading →

An unforgettable trip to Sapa PART 3

Sapa, Day 3: When we wake up that morning, we are surprised to see Sang with 3 big dark circles on her forehead. We have seen a few people wearing these marks before but forgot to ask what it was or meant. She explains that she was sick last night. She had a strong headache... Continue Reading →

The Java Whoua!

If one thing is certain, is that we didn't regret our decision to go to Java! We were blown away with how friendly people are on this island. It was a short stay but it was such a great experience. We landed in Jogyakarta very early in the morning, still under the rain, and drove... Continue Reading →


After enjoying 15 days in Bali and Lembongan, one of the smaller Balinese islands, we took a boat to Lombok island, said to be Bali's prettier sister... We'd heard it is less touristic with amazing beaches and famous for climbing the Rinjiani volcano that dominates the island, which we were prepared to do if my... Continue Reading →

A taste of Balinese ceremony

9th of November This morning, the atmosphere is electric in our Homestay. There is a ceremony tomorrow and the whole family is helping with preparations. Adrien left at 2AM to hike Mount Batur for sunrise. Unable to walk properly yet after a minor surgery on my foot, I stayed in and enjoy my breakfast while... Continue Reading →

A Spiritual Purification

We have been in Ubud for 3 days now, in the centre of Bali. We are staying in a lovely homestay with a local family. An extremely welcoming couple with their relatives (brother, sister, grandfather, nephews...), they make us feel at home every day (Sahadewa House – highly recommend it!). Yesterday we went for a... Continue Reading →

In the jungle of Cape Tribulation

From a cool weather in Sydney when we arrived in Australia, to the dry heat of the desert and the rainy week in south Queensland, we have finally reached a tropical weather when we arrived in Cape Tribulation in the north-east of the country. We spent 3 days in the forest of Daintree national park.... Continue Reading →

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