Beautiful Champasak

On our way back from the Bolaven plains, we took a detour to Champasak. It was a long day driving the motorbike but it was the greatest feeling ever coming from a higher altitude where we had been cold (we even got rain on the way down), to the warmth of the sun setting on... Continue Reading →

Wonders of Bolaven

The Bolaven Plateau in Laos is well-known for its coffee, tea plantations and numerous beautiful waterfalls, so we rented a motorbike in Pakse to discover this area. We spent two days driving around the plateau: the road itself was really nice, we were constantly surrounded by coffee plants. Every house on the side of the... Continue Reading →

4000 Islands

What an unbelievable place! We didn't expect such a relaxing and beautiful environment at 4000 Islands, our first stop in Laos, and we loved it. Located in the south of the country, just 40 minutes away from the Cambodian border, it is a little paradise made of 4000 islands (like the name gives away). A... Continue Reading →

Water World in Tonlé Sap

If you are visiting Siem Reap, you should take a detour to Tonlé Sap lake and its floating villages. It is wonderful! Is it touristic? Yes, but nothing compared to the crowds of Angkor and the villages remain very authentic. There are three main villages that can be visited from Siem Reap: Chong Khneas – is... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Angkor

We discovered the concept of "Hotel Bus" on our way to Siem Reap! A bus that actually has beds to sleep in a fully horizontal position. Not bad right? Well, it only comes with two flaws: Some buses have a row of single beds, but in most cases the beds are double. So if you are... Continue Reading →

New Year in Siahnoukville

Siahnoukville is where we stopped to celebrate the New Year. Most of all, we wanted a quiet place, on the beach, somewhere warm, to step into 2018! A good thing we thought about New Year already a few months ago! Seeing that most hotels were fully booked on the Cambodian coast already, we took the... Continue Reading →

Phnom Penh, after the storm…

The sun and heat welcomed us to the capital of Cambodia! We had just disembarked from the boat and we were already hearing a sound that would soon become familiar : “You want Tuk Tuk ?”, “Tuk Tuk Sir?” Our hotel being just 1km away we refused and walked away, loaded with our backpacks...after a... Continue Reading →

Cruising the Mekong

We stayed 10 days at my father's place in HCM city over Christmas. It was so nice to be with family again after all this time travelling, it felt good, it felt at home and cosy. My uncle, aunt and cousin who happened to be on holiday in Singapore also joined us for a few... Continue Reading →

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