Cruising the Mekong

We stayed 10 days at my father's place in HCM city over Christmas. It was so nice to be with family again after all this time travelling, it felt good, it felt at home and cosy. My uncle, aunt and cousin who happened to be on holiday in Singapore also joined us for a few... Continue Reading →

Ha Giang: On the edge of China

It was still foggy when we woke up and walked through Sapa town to the mini bus pick up point... It turned out our bus was waiting on the other side of the town, so the company brought us one by one on a motorbike... at this point in the travel, we are not surprised... Continue Reading →

The Java Whoua!

If one thing is certain, is that we didn't regret our decision to go to Java! We were blown away with how friendly people are on this island. It was a short stay but it was such a great experience. We landed in Jogyakarta very early in the morning, still under the rain, and drove... Continue Reading →


After enjoying 15 days in Bali and Lembongan, one of the smaller Balinese islands, we took a boat to Lombok island, said to be Bali's prettier sister... We'd heard it is less touristic with amazing beaches and famous for climbing the Rinjiani volcano that dominates the island, which we were prepared to do if my... Continue Reading →

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