The Magic of Angkor

We discovered the concept of "Hotel Bus" on our way to Siem Reap! A bus that actually has beds to sleep in a fully horizontal position. Not bad right? Well, it only comes with two flaws: Some buses have a row of single beds, but in most cases the beds are double. So if you are... Continue Reading →

Stuck in the middle with you

Don't make rash decisions when travelling in the outback, is probably the lesson we take away from our adventure to Mutawintji National Park. About 3 hours drive on a dirt road from Broken Hill, we went to visit Mutawintji park. Lost in the absolute nowhere, we had a great day bush-walking in the park's gorges.... Continue Reading →

A long ride to San Cristobal

It's been a bit of pain arriving to San Cristobal from Palenque. A bus ride that probably counts within our top worst ones. Lets see... we were the 2 last people boarding the mini van, so we didn't have the luxury of sitting together. One seat remained in the front in the middle, between the... Continue Reading →

Quick stop in Palenque

At this point of the trip, although we are travelling for 11 months, we feel the pressure of time in Mexico... Time seem to just slip through our fingers, and even if we are travelling only in the south of the country there are just way to many things we want to see and 3... Continue Reading →

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