The Magic of Angkor

We discovered the concept of "Hotel Bus" on our way to Siem Reap! A bus that actually has beds to sleep in a fully horizontal position. Not bad right? Well, it only comes with two flaws: Some buses have a row of single beds, but in most cases the beds are double. So if you are... Continue Reading →

Stuck in the middle with you

Don't make rash decisions when travelling in the outback, is probably the lesson we take away from our adventure to Mutawintji National Park. About 3 hours drive on a dirt road from Broken Hill, we went to visit Mutawintji park. Lost in the absolute nowhere, we had a great day bush-walking in the park's gorges.... Continue Reading →

A long ride to San Cristobal

It's been a bit of pain arriving to San Cristobal from Palenque. A bus ride that probably counts within our top worst ones. Lets see... we were the 2 last people boarding the mini van, so we didn't have the luxury of sitting together. One seat remained in the front in the middle, between the... Continue Reading →

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